Patrizia Casamirra

Lake Ruhondo-Rwanda

Patrizia Casamirra was born in Rome, Italy . She started her career as a photographer in the fashion world, advertising, music and show business. She later moved onto portraits and social documentaries. Her report and portraits have been published by major Italian Publishing Houses, such as Rizzoli and Mondadori, in their weekly and monthly magazines. Her work has also been published in English magazines.
She has carried out research projects in cooperation with Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organizations. These projects were published in her book “Women in Wartime”. They were also the subject of various exhibitions in Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain , England, USA and Japan.

Her work as a photographer and her tireless will to get to know different places and people drove her around the world. Her passion for art, architecture and archeology has led her to explore different forms of artistic expression.

“My goal is to be able to help women express their inner strength, beauty and passion by creating original pieces inspired by the wonder of the Mediterranean seas.”
Patrizia Casamirra

By experimenting in painting and sculpture, she has come to create jewels, which are made of silver, her favourite metal, and bronze, using the lost–wax casting process.
She followed a course in Crystal Healing and Gemmology and has invested that knowledge in her jewellery creation.
Jewellery making has become her profession and her jewels are sold in various Italian cities and abroad.
During her extensive travelling, she has developed a wide knowledge of different cultures and styles but her main source of inspiration lies in the Mediterranean area.



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